Sunday, March 21, 2010

Marley & Lockyer is having a giveaway!!

What better way to spend a rainy day than blog hopping....

I love blog hopping because you get to know so many cool people
with so many talents... ones you only dream you have.

Today I came across a new blog and she is having an awesome give-away.
So hop on over to her blog and Etsy shop
(sorry, can't figure out the link to direct you)

It is loaded with lots of great things.

And she is giving away not one but two over beautiful pillow covers and more.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Outdoor Oasis

We moved from a townhouse with no yard to 2 acres in the country. When we moved here, we started making big plans for our backyard. But those big plans were put on hold. A few reason were beyond our control but we still have dreams of our three tier garden oasis but that is on hold.. for now... So we decided that we would start small and slowly begin making our deck an outdoor oasis. I began searching the internet. I have some visions of what I want to do put I really want to do this right. Normally, hubby and I get an idea and go out without a plan and just start shopping. Of course that does not always turn out so well. One thing I do know is I want to walk out my door and feel like I am in a garden of wild flowers with the birds chirping, flowers blooming and a garden of herbs for cooking.

And then I want a place to entertain..

Oh and I place to relax my weary bones with a chilled glass of wine...

And then I saw this... an outdoor bed. I can picture myself lying on this bed with big fluffy pillows, a comfy blankets gazing at the stars.....

For now these are dreams. What will the outcome be.... hope to show you soon.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spring Time......

Dont get me wrong I love winter and this year we really got to exprience winter with all its snow....

But now I am longing for the birds to be chirping and the flowers to be blooming..

Oh and maybe to just spend sometime in the yard creating a beautiful oasis. This picture truly has inspired me and brought back some wonderful memories of time spent in my Pepere garden when I was younger..

What are you looking forward to for Spring.....