Sunday, October 25, 2009

Reflections continued

I began my week with the challenge to love myself as i am, to work harder at being healthier. My focus on eating healthier was off to a good start and I am motivated more than ever to continue to work on this and to begin to shed those unwanted pounds. I know to do this, I must not have unrealistic goals or I will fail. My only goal is to get back to a healthier weight one pound at a time no matter how long. This week, I will begin start walking daily and working up to more aggressive exercise program.... again one small step at a time.

I read some great inspirational blogs from Brave Girls Camp and one thing I read really hit home. It talked about learning to love the skin your are in. Making promises to your self. I promise to not criticize myself because by doing that, I sabotage myself. Like my husband says to me " It is not what's on the outside that counts but what is in the inside." I am lucky because my hubby loves me for who I am big or small.... I need to stop shutting him out because I need him on this journey. Thanks you BGC.... I have learned alot from your sharing and will use your words to continue on my journey. Oh and I can't wait to attend one of the retreats... goal # 2.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Reflection in the mirror

My visit with my sisters was awesome but after looking at some of the pictures we took, I knew it was time to look long an hard at the "Reflection in the Mirror" It has always been a life long struggle with weight and loving who I was. Looking in the mirror, I am my own worst critic. Never happy with what I saw, is it just me or was that what everyone else saw to. I often wondered if I could just love the person staring back at me, then it would not matter to me what everyone else thought or just maybe no one else is judging me but me.

So today, I decided it is time I start loving the women staring back at me in the mirror. Beginning today, I will love the person I see. I will not criticize her, I will not belittle her...She is not perfect but she is beautiful. I know that by loving me again, I can love my family more as well. On this journey, I will share my ups and downs, I also vow to get back to a healthier weight to go along with the happier me. This will not be easy but nothing worth fighting for ever is....

" You are beautiful, you are strong, you are Brave."


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Our First Annual Sisters Weekend was born because for the first

time in our lives, we found each of us in different cities and states. The first one was at my house in Georgia. I knew I had to come up with something creative to start our weekend because there has always been that who can out do the other.. it is usually Christine. We were younger, our mom always dressed us the same so I decided to get is matching PJ's just like when we were younger. Mom that one was for you. Then I headed in my scrap room to create a goody bag of sweets. This was something they could take home to remember our great weekend,

Our first day started off with a Quilt Festival for Christine. The beautiful quilts gave Gerri and I inspiration to do our own... but when I was told it required ironing, I quickly changed my mind. I will have to leave that to my older sisters. Sorry... We then headed to take some pictures by an old barn and the new barn with the no trespassing sign. Lucky we did not get shot at.

Our next stop was the famous Burt's Pumpkin Patch but on the way we decided to stop at the Apple Orchards since none of us ever saw them before. This is where we decided to get silly... first we took the usual posed pictures then I told Chris lets get some action shots and I began jumping in the air and Chris snapped away... soon we were laughing so hard we were peeing out pants. It felt good to just let out guards down and be kids again. You know I would love to show you these pictures but as funny as they were to look at, I would not post them for anyones pleasure. But I must say Casey got the biggest laugh of all. We then headed to the Pumkin Patch were my sisters were amazed at the size of the pumpkins. You don't get that in Florida.

We then headed to Charming Charlies that reminded me so much of my old favorite in Florida. Casey was spared this shopping trip to his delight... one trip to the store with Aunt Christine was enough for him. It was then home for dinner, drinks and more sister talk.

Day two started out with cold and rain but that did not stop us from spending the day at the Gold Rush Festival. Thought the weather was not good, we made the best of our last full day together. As the day came to a close, we relaxed by the fireplace. It was a great weekend and as I sit here and write this I am smiling from all the great memories and crying because I will miss my sisters very much. It has been a hard year being away from them for the first time in our lives but i am thankful that I know that I have two great sisters who will be there for me no matter what.

Today my sisters woke up to a freezing house of 58 degrees and were excited to get home to their families... or was it to leave my freezing house? Sorry girls. I was always the cold blooded one. I love you both and look forward to the next Sisters Weekend... Where to?