Monday, May 31, 2010

Squirrels Nest

Know what happens when you wait till the
last minute to book a camping site...
Yep, you get the most primative way to camp.

Now, some may say my idea of camping is
in comfort of a hotel room or an RV with
bed, air and bathroom. And those people
would be right but hey I love the great
outdoors so I can handle a few nights
in the " Squirrel Nest" with the spiders
and what else is lurking in the woods...

Okay, this very deadly snake was not anywhere
near our campsite but we did have some critters
near by. We knew that we needed to make sure
all our food was locked away cause there are
bears in the woods so we kept the dry food
in a plastic container and the others in the
cooler and we secured them so the lids could
not be opened.... But upon our return from
our hiking trips, we came home to this...

Well atleast it was only the squirrels that were
hungry and not the bears.

The weather was perfect for hiking on
our first day so we took in some trails
and just really enjoyed all that Mother
Nature had to give..

Of course no camping trip is complete
without SMORES.... so Daddy and Casey
got to getting the camp fire started.

So we can enjoy this......

Day one we had a really great day...

Night one.... Thunder Storm = no sleep

Day Two.... Go home.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Allstar

Evey year Casey tells us he does
not want to play Baseball but
every time, we tell him "You have
too. You can't sit around and
just play video games." We win
and he ends up having more fun
then even he will admit. Especially
when he hits that home run or gets
a triple play.

Those games when he just puts it
all together and just has the most
remarkable game, it is a long 3
miles home because his head just
swells with so much pride, I can
almost sit in the car with him.
So I just drive and listen to
him just brag about himself and I
am smiling inside because I remember
him saying "Baseballs boring, I don't
want to play." and then I know we
did the right thing pushing him.

And here is the home run swing...

And of course the game would not be completed without a slide....

Monday, May 10, 2010

Best Mothers Day Gift

My sweet darling Hubby treated my sister and I to
an awesome Mothers Day. It all started when my
sister called me a few weeks back to tell me she
was going to be in Atlanta for business trip and
was extended her stay to come see me.... Her visit
happen to fall on Mother's Day and knowing how much
I miss my sister, hubby decided to treat us to a
cooking class versus the day at the Spa.... then
suited us just fine.

The Menu for the evening was Southwestern Style.
We made the best Chicken Enchilada with Chipolte
cream sauce..
it was so yummy, we licked the pan
clean of any extra sauce (even the Chef's pan).

The next dish on the menu was Blue Chip Crusted Snapper
with Corn Salsa.. This was so simple to make and oh so

The evening would not be complete without a mishap....

Yep, just as I was about to say "Has anyone
ever cut themselves" I sliced my finger.
But hey check out the fancy little rubber finger.

Thank you sweetie for the wonderful gift and I promise
I will cook it for you soon.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Mothers Day.....

I know it is a few days early, but I wanted to take a moment
and Wish all those wonderfuls Mom's out there in blog land
the very best Mothers Day. May you take a moment for yourself
an relax and know that even though you may not be the Perfect
Mom, you are the best you can be and your love your kids with all
your heart... and they know it.

I am excited about my Mothers Day this year. Not only do I have
my mom here for a visit, my sister is in town and hubby got us
a cooking class at a very beautiful resort.... stay tuned the
cooking results.

Happy Mother Day...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Yard Reveal

I have been away from my blog for sometime. Now that winter is being us,
I have I would rather be outside enjoying Mother Nature then being tied
to a computer... I get enough of that at work. That is were I get caught
up on on my blog reading.. shhh don't tell the boss. Anyways, I want to
take this time to share with you some of the things that have been keeping
me busy.

Our front yard had become a haven of weeds. When Spring came, there was not a
stitch of real grass. It was green but it was all weeds so, we began with this

First it was leveling the ground with the beautiful Georgia clay..
As you can see me and hubby were hard at work and boy it soon came clear that we bit of more than we can chew.

There was no need for any PX90 workouts this week. It was alot of shoveling, spreading and then it was all about lifting, bending and laying the sod. All
3500 square feet of it... in addition planting the new flower bed. I must say
even though it was hard work, I had a great week working in the yard along side
my hubby... minus the occasional spats... You see sometimes I just don't get
what hubby is trying to say and needless to say sometimes his patients gets a
little thin. Of course sometimes we were egged on by Chance because he likes to
see us bicker just a little. Well, I am glad to say the front yard is complete
and just in time for my sister, mom & dads visit.