Monday, August 30, 2010

Feeling lighter

The beginnig of this challenge was frustrating
to say the least. Each week that I did not see
results, I tried something else and still no
results. I knew the only thing that had worked
for me in the past was Nutri System. But I was
not wanting to go back to eating out of a box.

So I got to thinking about why it worked and I
knew that Nutri System was based on the Glycemic
diet. It is all about eating the right amount of
protien, good carbs and bad carbs. This system helps
takes a Fat Storing body into a Fat Burning body.

As I was flipping channels, I came across the
"Food Lovers Diet" and it was all about the Glycemic
method. So, I could do what Nutri System did for me
but eat my own foods and the best thing was the cost
was so much less and risk free. If after 60 days, I
did not see results and feel better, I just send it
back and get full refund.

Well, 11 days ago, I started my "Food Lover Diet" and
I feel GREAT!!!!! I do not feel bloated, my clothes
are loser and I just feel all around better. The best
part is that I am learning the right foods to eat
together so I can continue on this journey. But,
I cannot weigh myself until I hit day 21 so sorry
sis, you will have to weight on my lost or gain
another 10 days.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kitchen Update

It has been over two years since
we moved into our home and lucky
for us, it was move in ready.

But after two years, it was time
to make a change to the kitchen.
This was I would say, the one
room I did not love. It was too
dark with no personality.

Oh, by the way.. I dislike olive green.

We tiled the backsplash and painted
the walls a lighter color. Now the
sunshines through the windows. I
just love how bright and cheery
the room is now.

Next, I will be updating the prettiest room
in the house but the decor is for a baby
and we will be having no more of those.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Back on track....

Just wanted to stop by real quick
to give you an update.....

Last week I confessed I was not
commit ed to my weight loss as I
should have been but I am now...

2 lbs down... 168 today.

Now with that being said, I am
in need of stepping away from
the scale for the next two weeks.
As in the past, the only way for
me to stay on track and committed,
I need to not weigh myself but go
by how I feel. If I get on the scale
and it is at it's high fluctuation, then
I become defeated and we all know how
the scale can change from day to day.

So my updates for the next few weeks
will be just how I feel... sorry sis
you will have to wait on the lb. status.

I am proud of my sister for staying
focused and for her weight loss. I know
how hard it can be but I also know that
the longer you stay on track the easier
it is to maintain....

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Care Package

My mother-in-law took care of my
sweet littl boy for the first 6
years of his life. To say I was
blessed to have somone that loved
my little angel as much as I did
is an understatement. At times, I
would feel second fiddle but I
knew that I was blessed. When we
moved 800 miles away, I feared the
love and bond they shared would be
gone but that has not happened.

You see, she is always thinking
about him and sending his favorite
things to him in the mail. This
he waits for patiently.... and then
digs in....

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

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Monday, August 16, 2010


Okay, first let me just put the truth
out there.

I have not taken this Sister challange
serious. I did in the beginning but in
my head or heart, I was not at that
point where I knew I needed to focus.

You see about 4 years ago, I got serious
and when I am 100 % commited, I can do
it...for me that last time, I was there
and it showed cause I dropped 30 lbs and
if I can say so myself, I was SMOKING hot.
I was so happy with my new look, I kept
it off for 2 years and that is a huge

So this week, just as my sisters scale
stayed at 160, my stayed at 170... now
ten lbs seperate us but in reality, it
is probably 5 cause I got blessed with
something my other sisters did not, boobs.
Okay, that is just an excuse...

So, right now, I am off to the gym. Refocused.

Have a great week.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Put away the scale....

Last week, I did not post and I am sure you can guess why.
You see, I am a numbers person and with the scale in my
bathroom, I was stepping on it every morning and if it did
not tell me what I wanted to see, sometimes I would step
on it two or three times a day. Well, this was only causing
me more and more frustration. So, instead of throwing it
out the window (which is what I wanted to do), I put it in
the guest bathroom behind closed doors. I must say I felt
more at ease.. it was like when your mom looks under your
bed a night and tells you "Don't worry, the Boogie Man" is
not there. You can finally sleep. So with the scale away, I
was more at ease. Last week, I was back up to 170 and that
is where I am this week. A new week, a new start.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lucky Obessesion

Last week, I decided it was time to get in my
closet and get organized. Things were just so
crammed together, I did not even know what I
had... Note to self, this may mean you shop to much.
So, I headed to Target to pick up one of those
hanging organizers to put my jeans in.......
Little did I know that I had become obsessed
with Jeans.

It all started when I fell in love with a pair
of jeans on a friend. Of course this friend was
a size 2, so I knew I could never have a pair of
those. Then she told me "They make them for all
shapes and sizes" Sure... but I went to the store
and tried them on... Oh, they were love at first
site... except for the price. You see I am one of
those girls that just refuse to pay $150 for jeans.
But hubby was with me and he told me if they make
me happy and I liked the way they fit, then I should
get them. So I did but I swore I would never pay full
price again and I never did. Oh, what is my obsession.

Yes, I am addicted to LUCKY jeans.
I have found them on the racks of TJ Max, Goodwill
and Thrift shops.Hubby jokes that I can walk up to
a rack of Sale jeans and my " Luck Radar"
goes off. My last pair, I got for $15.00. I knew I
really did not need another pair but for the price
this " Lucky" girl could not pass then by.

What is your obsession?

Before I go, I must tell you today's bargain.
While browsing an Antique shop today, I found
this $198.00 Max Studio dress, tag still on it for $18
Seriously... and It fit perfect.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


This past week, was a week of healing.
When you become a mom, all you see is
this perfect sweet child. You put your
heart and soul into loving this child.
You live in this moment that all is
perfect.. that your child is perfect..
that your family is perfect. You do all
you can to teach your child to be happy,
loving,respectful. You teach them values.
You do the best you can and then they
grow up. If you are lucky, your loving sweet
child makes all the right choices and makes
you so proud, you can't help but brag about
what a great job you have done....but sometimes
they make bad choices, they destroy themselves
but mostly they destroy your perfect family.

The pain, the shame when a friend, neighbor or
even a family member brags about their perfect child.
Then ask "How is your child". Do you tell them the
truth or do you lie to hide the shame. Do you blame
yourself... yes, you question all your choices. I
mean you must have done something wrong. Did I give
to much, to little. My sweet beautiful child made
bad choices. He not only hurt himself with these
choices but he hurt our family. The hardest day
of my life was the day, I had to kick him out of the
house. It was not easy but he knew the rules and he
choose to see if I would follow thru. I did....

4 long years, filled with ups and many many downs
went by but this last week, we were a FAMILY under
one roof. Just the 5 of us. I must say it was the
best week for me, cause I was able to spend quality
time with all my boys under one roof and there was
no drama... no pain... just healing.