Sunday, January 23, 2011


If you are a dog lover, you are most likely loyal to a
particular size or maybe even a particular breed.

My sisters are Daschund( weiner dog) lovers. Always..
My girlfriend is tea cup poodle lover. Always...
Hubby and I are partial to Shar Pei or Pit Bull. Oh, I
hear that sigh... Pit Bulls they are dangerous. Not
always the case, they are very lovable and loyal dogs.

Okay, back to my point...

I have always loved Shar Pei cause not only are they
cute, but they are very calm and low maintenance dogs.
That is what I looked for in a dog.. low maintenance.
Point and case... look at this poor pathetic lazy dog.

However, lately, I have come to fall in love with a different
type of dog. The Lab. These dogs, must be the most loyal of dogs
that I have ever seen. And if you have young kids, and you want
them to have a loyal companion and a protecter.. then run out and
get you a Lab.

My son's friend has two and when he comes over to play, so does his
dogs. They walk over with him and then they sit and wait patiently
by my door until he is ready to go home. Even if he spends the night.

Last week, we had a snow storm and Nate came over to spend the night
and as always, so did his dogs. I tried to send them home, but even
when they were picked up and brought home, they came back. So I gave
Dakota the older one a blanket so he could stay warm... I tried to
bring him in the house cause I just felt so bad but he would not
leave his puppy Lucy out in the cold.

I tell you, I have never seen such love and loyalty between a dog and his
owner but I can tell you this... If I ever get another dog, I will get a

Monday, January 17, 2011

He calls it " The Women Cave"

Every man dreams of his "Man Cave"

Not sure us women ever dream of a "Women's Cave"

But that is exactly what my man called my new space... a cave.

I like to think of it more as a retreat.

A place to sit quietly, look out the window and contemplate my day.

A place where I can read a good book, watch HGTV and not the history channel

On a side note.. See that sweet comfy chair...
I had been searching for just that chair when my dear friend who was
moving away, offered me her favorite chair...thanks Jo.. I love it.

My room is filled with things I have collected at Antique Marts
yard sales and even some of my fellow bloggers Etsy shops.

It's not a cave.... it is just plain and simple " My Room"

Sorry men.... go find your own cave.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter Wonderland

We had all weekend to prepare for what they were
calling " The Blizzard of 2011".

I am not a big planner.. never was even when I lived
in South Florida and the threat of hurricanes were
a yearly thing. Most the time the weather folks either
over exagerate or just dead get it wrong. But this time,
I figured I better head to the store and gas up the car.

Thank God I did cause we are totally iced in for days,
if not the whole week.

Sunday the snow started as we were heading to bed.

And this is the Winter Wonderland we woke up too.

Of course the kids just loved the "No school day" .....

But after the play, comes the work.

Shoveling 400 ft of driveway is no day at the beach....

Two hours of shoveling before we got to the bottom.

Now that is what I call a workout....

So, this girl is heading to the tub and then to bed.

Good Night...