Monday, July 26, 2010

The pychology of the scale...

When is the best time to step on a scale?

Is it first thing in the morning?

After breakfast?

After a workout? or maybe after cutting the yard?

I mean really when is the scale right?

I have asked myself this question, over and over.


You see, I have tested the scale. Just to see what tricks
the scale had been playing with me.... So below is the tale
of the scale in one day.

Sunday morning, fresh out of bed. 169

After breakfast. 170

Mid-afternoon, right after cutting the grass. 166

Finally, something to cheer about...... But wait that
did not last long. Cause Monday morning rolled around.

168 was the weigh in for the week. Just call me the one
pound a week girl... but really what is the right weight.

Oh, yes it is frustrating playing this game of the scale.
A game you feel like you never will win... but I promise
you Mr. Scale.. you can only beat me for so long. Sooner
or later, I will get the upper hand.

So, yes I dropped only one pound but that's okay. It was
a lost and for once, it feels good to be on the losing side.

Total lost = 5lbs

So sis... how did you week go? I hope you to saw results.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Best Friends.....

Yesterday, I received an unexpected email from
a long loss Girlfriend. She was no ordinary
friend, she was my Best Friend.... until I
let jealousy and immaturity get between us.

It really is sad today looking back 22 years
and wondering why??? Why did I allow myself
to walk away from a friend that was so much
more than a friend... she was everything.
We were so different her and I... she was
graceful, sweet, beautiful and has one of
the biggest purest hearts I knew. Me I was loud,
funny party girl, just looking to be the
life of the party. Together, we just were
two girlfriends teaching each other.....

And then it happened. I really can't even
remember what it was... I just know I put
the wedge that tore us apart. From time to
time we would cross paths and we would
politely say "Hi". Facebook brought us into
each others lives but then it was always
just the polite " How are you?" " You have
a beautiful family"..... but the hurt was
still there.

My dear sweet friend lost her husband a few
years back and then her mom not long after.
I went to pay my respects and my heart bled
seeing her pain and so wanting her to know
that I was not just there for them, I was
there because I wanted to hold her. Wanted
her to know that I still loved her and I
wanted to help her heal. But I let my pride
stop me from reaching out to her.... Now my
sweet friend has lost her brother and in her
pain, she has reached out to me....

I opened her email thinking it would be just
another. " Hi, hope you are doing okay"...
And I got " I miss you my dearest friend.
I hope you can forgive me"... See what I
mean by sweet and pure heart. I had made a mess
of things.. I could not put my pride aside
to beg forgiveness cause I was afraid of
rejection and she could.

To tell you the truth I wonder if I deserve
her forgiveness, if I deserve her friendship.
Then I thought, this is God at work......
I have spoken to him lately.. more than ever.
I have asked him to help me to heal past mistakes.
Funny because I was not specific. I just asked
him to help me heal and whatever path I needed
to be on, I believe he will lead me down it.
This is the path of healing and I can't wait
to see what path he puts me on next.

So, today I smile because Today, I have my
Best Friend back... and I know that this time
I will not fail her...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Update....

So my sweet dear sister was off on a
wonderful vacation last week so I too
decided to take the week of from blogging
my weight update.... but boy did I get a
smack down from dear ole sis when she got
back and did not see my update.... Truth be
told, there was no update... last week all
was same... NO CHANGE... boy I hate those words.

Well, cant say that this week but don't get
to excited.... lost 1 lb. Good news is the scale
finally tipped below 170. Now that is progress.
They say slow and steady wins the race... at this
rate, I am the winner of that race.

Well, I am off to the gym to burn some calories.
Till next week...

Sis, hope you had a good week being on vacation and

Monday, July 5, 2010

Week 2...

Week 2 has finally showed little results.
3 lbs lost.. now down to 170. But here is
where the hard part really comes in because
for months, I have been fighting to get under
that 170 mark... I get there and then the scale
stops... sometimes I think that it is playing
games with me... messing with my mind. But I
know it really not but hey, it is easier to
blame a piece of technology then myself...
really who created such a cruel piece of

This week I focused on calories. Even though
I am not one to write everything down I eat, I
found a website that made it easy
for me and it even added up the calorie intake.
My goal was to stay within the 1200 / 1300 calorie
range. Which I did... so I guess the 3 lbs, I owe
to that. Exercise for me is a pretty easy task.
Once I get into the groove, I can stay committed
because it make me feel good but mentally and
physically. Thought this week was hard because
my mother in law was in town and my workout
time in the evening was just not possible. So
I squeezed in what I could at work and if I could,
some at home. And of course, inches is where I
got must my results. Total 5.75 inches

Waist= -1 inch now 35
Hips = -1 inch now 41
Thighs= -1 1/4 inch now 23 1/4
Arms = -1/2 inch now 13
Chest= -2 inch now 39

Looking at the scale, I was disappointed but
after looking at my inches, I feel much better.

Sis, hope you had a great week and you were able
to keep the nibbling to just one nibble.

Till next week.