Sunday, October 25, 2009

Reflections continued

I began my week with the challenge to love myself as i am, to work harder at being healthier. My focus on eating healthier was off to a good start and I am motivated more than ever to continue to work on this and to begin to shed those unwanted pounds. I know to do this, I must not have unrealistic goals or I will fail. My only goal is to get back to a healthier weight one pound at a time no matter how long. This week, I will begin start walking daily and working up to more aggressive exercise program.... again one small step at a time.

I read some great inspirational blogs from Brave Girls Camp and one thing I read really hit home. It talked about learning to love the skin your are in. Making promises to your self. I promise to not criticize myself because by doing that, I sabotage myself. Like my husband says to me " It is not what's on the outside that counts but what is in the inside." I am lucky because my hubby loves me for who I am big or small.... I need to stop shutting him out because I need him on this journey. Thanks you BGC.... I have learned alot from your sharing and will use your words to continue on my journey. Oh and I can't wait to attend one of the retreats... goal # 2.

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