Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Reflection in the mirror

My visit with my sisters was awesome but after looking at some of the pictures we took, I knew it was time to look long an hard at the "Reflection in the Mirror" It has always been a life long struggle with weight and loving who I was. Looking in the mirror, I am my own worst critic. Never happy with what I saw, is it just me or was that what everyone else saw to. I often wondered if I could just love the person staring back at me, then it would not matter to me what everyone else thought or just maybe no one else is judging me but me.

So today, I decided it is time I start loving the women staring back at me in the mirror. Beginning today, I will love the person I see. I will not criticize her, I will not belittle her...She is not perfect but she is beautiful. I know that by loving me again, I can love my family more as well. On this journey, I will share my ups and downs, I also vow to get back to a healthier weight to go along with the happier me. This will not be easy but nothing worth fighting for ever is....

" You are beautiful, you are strong, you are Brave."


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