Sunday, January 31, 2010

Welcome home

When we left Florida almost 2 years ago, I left behind a part of my family. There were a few reasons why. One it has been a gruelly few years with my oldest son and the stress he was putting on me was slowly killing me inside and I was fearful, it would eventuly put a split in my relationship with my husband. As we made our choice to move to Georgia, a big part was to start FRESH and leave behind some of the pain and heartache of past. So, in that choice, I had thought it would also be best for my middle son to go live with his dad. Even though Chance only caused us typical teenage heartache, he is a child that needs alot of pushing.... and needless to say I was tired....I soon realized that choice was not the best choice for Chance atleast.
It was time for me to step up and be a mom again to Chance... being that he has always been the easy going kid, he has always gotten the short end of my love. Believe me when I say it pains me to know that I did this to him. His heart is as big as him and as you can see, he is a big boy. My Big Boy....who I love with all my heart. It is because of that love, I asked Chance to come back and live with us so we can be a Family again and we can give him the love and guidance that he needs to become a productive adult.... I know this new road will change the way our life has been for the last year and a half. I also know that as much as I am scared about the changes, I am hopeful that we can help Chance become that MAN we all know he is capable of being... It is just helping him believe in himself.

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