Friday, February 5, 2010

Computer Moron

I take the day off to get Chance all settled with his new Drivers Liscence, Insurance and car transfered in his name... sounds easy right.... NOT.

First trip to the DL, not the correct documents... 9:15 AM
Second trip... he failed eye test. REALLY... 10:15. Now we have to go to get eye test and glasses. Surely this was not part of the plan.
Third trip... successful but now it is 12:45.

Insurance and Tag uneventful..... Thank GOD. but wait the fun is just beginning.

For days now, we are trying to get Chance computer hooked up so he can happily be playing his games. I have spoken to three different people and each time I am told " All you need is this" Apparently not because I have gotten everything they told me and needless to say so far I am out $100.00 and still cannot get him hooked up. Today was the breaking point because I have these people I think from China somewhere tell me do this and do that and I don't understand a word they are saying...

Really, does anyone out there know how to get wireless access..................
I know I live in the middle of no where but this is 2010.

Ever feel frustrated when talking to Support people?

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  1. i wonder where in ga you moved to as that view looks pretty similar to mine of the smoky mtns!

    wish i could advise on the computer... i leave all tht stuff up to my 15 year old! ha! good luck!

    thanks for linking onto my blog-hop - havint seen a lot of mvmt on it since the weekend, but maybe you'll get a few party stragglers- hope so! you might try visiting some others on the list and they'll come visit you, too...

    stay warm!!