Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cookie Time...

For so many years, my sisters and I would get together and bake cookies
for the holidays. Then one moved away and then it was just two of us...
then I moved away. I hated not having that tradition because to me it
was not the holidays without it. So last year, I coerced a few of my
co-workers to come over and bake... and let me say that was adventure.
You see these two girls did not even know what a mixer was. They pretty
much stood around and talked and made me laugh while I did all the baking.

Well, this year came and I thought they would pass... but to my surprise, Jo
was all up for it... she was ready to show me her new skills in the kitchen.

What a difference a year makes... the girl was running circles around me...

The day was once again a huge success and I just loved spending time with
the girls. Next year, my GF Jo will be one state away but we promised, we
will not let this tradition go... have mixer, will travel....

Now, this day was not all about cookies, it was about trying new things.

Jo wanted us to try healthy... seriously, healthy while we were surrounded
by over 6 dozen cookies.... but she was.

So into her heavy duty blender went....

Kale (yuk)
apple, grapes (yummy)
whole lemon ( ?? interesting)
ginger (not a huge fan)

What do you get????

Green Slime...

Just to prove, I can try anything once????


  1. Props to you lil sis they look yummy. As for that drink just a a little Rum for me and I'm in! LOL. Can't wait to see you only 1 more day!
    I love you!