Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Family Time...

This Christmas was extra special because I got
to spend it with the peeps I love the most...

My Family

You see, our parents celebrated their 50th Anniversary
the day after Christmas and we all knew that this was
for sure a day to celebrate. We watched first hand
the highs, the lows, the good time and the struggles
it took to get to this milestone and we wanted to
show them how much we appreciated not only their love
and devotion to us but the devotion to their marriage.

Thanks you mom and dad for showing us that no matter
what, you always put Family first. You gave us the
foundation to which we now raise our family. You gave
us love and support in our good times and in times we
failed ourselves. It is because what you taught us
that we are able to guide our own families during the
good times and during the bad.

I only hope that some days my kids can look back at
their parents and be as proud as I am of you....

The only disappointment this Christmas is that I did
not get to witness my first white Christmas... When
we moved to Georgia 3 years ago, that was the one thing
we hoped we would finally get and after 100 years, it
snowed on Christmas and I was in South Florida... bummer.

Thankfully, snow was still on the ground when we got home

Hope everyone had a great time with you families as I did
with mine. I am looking forward to the New Year and all it
will bring.

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