Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter Wonderland

We had all weekend to prepare for what they were
calling " The Blizzard of 2011".

I am not a big planner.. never was even when I lived
in South Florida and the threat of hurricanes were
a yearly thing. Most the time the weather folks either
over exagerate or just dead get it wrong. But this time,
I figured I better head to the store and gas up the car.

Thank God I did cause we are totally iced in for days,
if not the whole week.

Sunday the snow started as we were heading to bed.

And this is the Winter Wonderland we woke up too.

Of course the kids just loved the "No school day" .....

But after the play, comes the work.

Shoveling 400 ft of driveway is no day at the beach....

Two hours of shoveling before we got to the bottom.

Now that is what I call a workout....

So, this girl is heading to the tub and then to bed.

Good Night...

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