Monday, January 17, 2011

He calls it " The Women Cave"

Every man dreams of his "Man Cave"

Not sure us women ever dream of a "Women's Cave"

But that is exactly what my man called my new space... a cave.

I like to think of it more as a retreat.

A place to sit quietly, look out the window and contemplate my day.

A place where I can read a good book, watch HGTV and not the history channel

On a side note.. See that sweet comfy chair...
I had been searching for just that chair when my dear friend who was
moving away, offered me her favorite chair...thanks Jo.. I love it.

My room is filled with things I have collected at Antique Marts
yard sales and even some of my fellow bloggers Etsy shops.

It's not a cave.... it is just plain and simple " My Room"

Sorry men.... go find your own cave.


  1. Yeah! Love it and it does look cozy. Can't wait to come for a visit "SOON" to enjoy a glass of wine or two with you in this room. I also need a good walking down the streets of Ball Ground.

    Love your big sis!

  2. Wow, looks like a room out of a magazine! Turning into a bit of a decorater aren't we? Want to come do my room?