Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Vacation

This vacation was all about giving Casey a history lesson.

It was his choice... D.C. or Philly.

As you can see D.C. won.

Let me tell you, there is just so much to see, it is almost impossible to
see it all. It was hot... and all you do is walk and walk and walk. I have so
much to share, so I am just going to start out with day one.

The day we arrived, we headed over to Arlington Cemetery to see the
"Tomb of the Unknown Soldier" tribute.

John F Kennedy final resting place

and as you can see... Casey was already melting and tired.

We also had the HONOR of paying tribute to a fallen soldier as his procession
was taken place during our time at Arlington. Arlington is one of those places
though it is filled with loss and grief, you feel such peace and honor to be
among those who gave their lives so we can be FREE.

We then took another long walk to see the Iwajima Memorial.

Then it was over to the Pentagon to pay tribute to those that lost their lives on 9- 11. This memorial was very simple butvery much left an impact. The rows were the years born of those who died. The ones facing the Pentagon were on the plane
and the ones facing away were in the Pentagon. There was a small pool of water
under each memorial and other family members who died names were under the water.

On our walk back to the Metro, we ran into a Fighter pilot " Rabbit". This
I believe was the highlight of Casey trip. Rabbit was so gracious and was so
great with Casey, asking him questions and shaking his hand. So, thank you " Rabbit" for not only serving us but making a 10 year old feel so special.

I have so much more to share so come back soon


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