Monday, July 26, 2010

The pychology of the scale...

When is the best time to step on a scale?

Is it first thing in the morning?

After breakfast?

After a workout? or maybe after cutting the yard?

I mean really when is the scale right?

I have asked myself this question, over and over.


You see, I have tested the scale. Just to see what tricks
the scale had been playing with me.... So below is the tale
of the scale in one day.

Sunday morning, fresh out of bed. 169

After breakfast. 170

Mid-afternoon, right after cutting the grass. 166

Finally, something to cheer about...... But wait that
did not last long. Cause Monday morning rolled around.

168 was the weigh in for the week. Just call me the one
pound a week girl... but really what is the right weight.

Oh, yes it is frustrating playing this game of the scale.
A game you feel like you never will win... but I promise
you Mr. Scale.. you can only beat me for so long. Sooner
or later, I will get the upper hand.

So, yes I dropped only one pound but that's okay. It was
a lost and for once, it feels good to be on the losing side.

Total lost = 5lbs

So sis... how did you week go? I hope you to saw results.

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