Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day of cooking...

Every weekend, my sister spends one day in the kitchen
cooking her weekly meals for her family. Of course, I
always tell her she is out of her mind.

But this weekend, it is I who is out of her mind. I
decided to take a page out of my sisters life and
cooked some meals for the week.

But hold on, sis are you sitting down.... I made my
own sauce as well... from scratch. Now, I know that
is a lot for you to take in, so take a moment while
I explain..

I bought a magazine this week, called "Clean Eating".
Being that I am now into be healthier and eating right,
this just made since. So I took some recipes out of
the magazine and the sauce was one.

First boiled Plum Tomatoes, then place in ice bath.

Chopped, garlic, carrots and celery in my handy chopper.

Saute veggies and add rough chopped tomatoes.

add oregano, basil, bay leaves and simmer for 45 minutes on low.

Puree in Food Processor or in my case, the magic bullet.

Add honey

And here it is..

And after all that, I made Stew, lasagna and brisket with leek.
Oh and now I know my mom is probably on the floor with that one.
Yes, mom.. I not only cooked leek but I love it too.

My Stew...

My lasagna with sausage...

And my Brisket...

I hope that I not only made my mom proud but my sisters too.

Now, super mom and cook is ready for bed.


  1. Yummy1 It all looks great and I know when you put your mind to something you can be and are an excellent cook! e-mail me you glycimic protocol.

  2. Yum, looks like a lot of food for you and Donnie. That Casey better enjoy your hard work, I Donnie will. You will see life is easier in during the week because of it. Little dishes and mess to cleanup, and no throwing away food that you had good intensions of cooking but was to tired or rushed for time.

    You make me proud, and I haven't cooked in two weeks. Guess we are swapping roles for a while!!!! Love you!

  3. awesome looking meals. And you look great also