Sunday, October 17, 2010

A little dreaming.....

With the cool weather finally hear, the Car Show's are back and my hubby
is all excited.

But first, it was all about celebrating little mans STRAIGHT " A's".

Because he worked so hard for his grades and is really a great kid, mommy
and daddy rewarded him with the new video game he has been wanting for a month.
Then because he got a free dinner certificate, it was off to Longhorn.

Of course, you can see he is all into his game, so this gave mommy and daddy
time to catch up from a week, where we did not see each other because hubby
had school and by the time he got home each night, I was fast asleep.

Now, it was time for daddy to enjoy his time... walking around and dreaming
about what he wants when he grows up.... of course while he leisurely took his
time looking at the cars. Little Man and I just browsed and goofed around.

So here, is Hubby dream car (one of them)....

And here is mine....( I am a little more simple).. okay for those who know me, are
thinking "Simple" not....

And to top it off, we got a beautiful view as we pulled on to our block...

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