Sunday, May 2, 2010

Yard Reveal

I have been away from my blog for sometime. Now that winter is being us,
I have I would rather be outside enjoying Mother Nature then being tied
to a computer... I get enough of that at work. That is were I get caught
up on on my blog reading.. shhh don't tell the boss. Anyways, I want to
take this time to share with you some of the things that have been keeping
me busy.

Our front yard had become a haven of weeds. When Spring came, there was not a
stitch of real grass. It was green but it was all weeds so, we began with this

First it was leveling the ground with the beautiful Georgia clay..
As you can see me and hubby were hard at work and boy it soon came clear that we bit of more than we can chew.

There was no need for any PX90 workouts this week. It was alot of shoveling, spreading and then it was all about lifting, bending and laying the sod. All
3500 square feet of it... in addition planting the new flower bed. I must say
even though it was hard work, I had a great week working in the yard along side
my hubby... minus the occasional spats... You see sometimes I just don't get
what hubby is trying to say and needless to say sometimes his patients gets a
little thin. Of course sometimes we were egged on by Chance because he likes to
see us bicker just a little. Well, I am glad to say the front yard is complete
and just in time for my sister, mom & dads visit.

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