Monday, May 10, 2010

Best Mothers Day Gift

My sweet darling Hubby treated my sister and I to
an awesome Mothers Day. It all started when my
sister called me a few weeks back to tell me she
was going to be in Atlanta for business trip and
was extended her stay to come see me.... Her visit
happen to fall on Mother's Day and knowing how much
I miss my sister, hubby decided to treat us to a
cooking class versus the day at the Spa.... then
suited us just fine.

The Menu for the evening was Southwestern Style.
We made the best Chicken Enchilada with Chipolte
cream sauce..
it was so yummy, we licked the pan
clean of any extra sauce (even the Chef's pan).

The next dish on the menu was Blue Chip Crusted Snapper
with Corn Salsa.. This was so simple to make and oh so

The evening would not be complete without a mishap....

Yep, just as I was about to say "Has anyone
ever cut themselves" I sliced my finger.
But hey check out the fancy little rubber finger.

Thank you sweetie for the wonderful gift and I promise
I will cook it for you soon.

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