Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Allstar

Evey year Casey tells us he does
not want to play Baseball but
every time, we tell him "You have
too. You can't sit around and
just play video games." We win
and he ends up having more fun
then even he will admit. Especially
when he hits that home run or gets
a triple play.

Those games when he just puts it
all together and just has the most
remarkable game, it is a long 3
miles home because his head just
swells with so much pride, I can
almost sit in the car with him.
So I just drive and listen to
him just brag about himself and I
am smiling inside because I remember
him saying "Baseballs boring, I don't
want to play." and then I know we
did the right thing pushing him.

And here is the home run swing...

And of course the game would not be completed without a slide....


  1. Yeap, Sports can do good for their self esteem and confidence in interacting with people and all different personallities. Look at Vinnie, he has not problem putting him self out there and not worried about anyone. Oh and bragging, yeap he does lots of that too!

  2. What's the chance of the other kid in the picture haveing the name CHANCE!!!!!