Monday, May 31, 2010

Squirrels Nest

Know what happens when you wait till the
last minute to book a camping site...
Yep, you get the most primative way to camp.

Now, some may say my idea of camping is
in comfort of a hotel room or an RV with
bed, air and bathroom. And those people
would be right but hey I love the great
outdoors so I can handle a few nights
in the " Squirrel Nest" with the spiders
and what else is lurking in the woods...

Okay, this very deadly snake was not anywhere
near our campsite but we did have some critters
near by. We knew that we needed to make sure
all our food was locked away cause there are
bears in the woods so we kept the dry food
in a plastic container and the others in the
cooler and we secured them so the lids could
not be opened.... But upon our return from
our hiking trips, we came home to this...

Well atleast it was only the squirrels that were
hungry and not the bears.

The weather was perfect for hiking on
our first day so we took in some trails
and just really enjoyed all that Mother
Nature had to give..

Of course no camping trip is complete
without SMORES.... so Daddy and Casey
got to getting the camp fire started.

So we can enjoy this......

Day one we had a really great day...

Night one.... Thunder Storm = no sleep

Day Two.... Go home.

1 comment:

  1. So did chance stay home? Looks like a fun, family time break. Just one overnight stay I assume. Don't miss the girl scout camping weekends! Vinnie only sleeps in hotels, not a camper.