Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Date...

This weekend was about reconnecting..
You see hubby and I don't get alot of
alone time and sometimes that can put
some space in your relationship... It
has been a hard year on my hubby after
the loss of his daddy last December.
Hubby is a very private person and really
has a hard time sharing his thoughts. He
said to me once " I am suppose to be your
rock. How can I be your rock if I show my
hurt".... "How can I be your wife, if I can't
share in your pain."... I get scared sometimes
because I know communication is key in a
marriage and both hubby and I struggle with
that.... So we took a long hike just us and
mother nature at it's finest. I feel we both
came out of this hike rejuvenated... maybe
we can begin finding our way back to each other.

Raven's Cliff.... not 2 1/2 miles but 3 1/2 miles..

Could this be a sign...

(sorry for the bad shot.. self portrait, yikes.)

Hiking and taking in the beauty....

These shoes were tired and needed a break...

and these feet sure needed to breathe...

The bottom fall.....

Then up the very rocky terrain is the big waterfall.
Were we climbed into the middle and oh what a sight.
You look up and it is like heaven open its doors
and was showering you with its beauty....

You can climb to the top and the view is spectacular
but of course I got scared so told hubby to go up
and their was heaven..

This is me from below...

And of course, not trip would be complete without
me being a klutz...

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  1. Great pictures. I want to go there on my next visit. Think you need to invest in some real hiking boots, those pink sneaks maybe the reason you got that bloody knee.