Friday, September 10, 2010

My Special Place

Last week, I got a call from the principle
at my son's school.... Now if this were
my older son's, I would have feared the
worst. But my youngest has always been
a good student. I thank God has finally
decided to give me a break " Thank You".

So back to that call. At first I thought
maybe he got hurt. No.. My little guy
had just one "Writer of the Month" for
the entire 4th grade... I think he gets
that from me. His prize was a limo ride
to O'Charly Restaurant... How cool is that.

Cause I am so proud and because I was so
blown away from his writing piece, I wanted
to share it with you... "My Special Place"

My special place is quite and cool.
The air is as cool as the midnight breeze.
Grass that is as soft as silk.
It is surrounded and protected by nature.
There are palm trees with bark as rough as
pine cones.
There are also fish as beautiful as roses
that just finished blooming.

In my special place I go fishing.
I go bird watching to see what they do and
what they eat.
I take pictures and sketch the exotic plants.
I watch the huge iguanas as they sit in one spot
as still as a rock.

My special place is a tree this close to a lake in Florida.
The tree towers over the houses but it is still exotic.
The water is always the perfect temperature to swim in.
These are things I do and why I like my special place.

Now, I must tell you, he made it a point to let me
know that " Mom, this was my rough draft and Ms.
Courter liked it so much, she never gave it back."

I tried to find a picture of this special place.
It was a tree behind our home in Florida. Who
knew this tree held so beautiful memories for
my little angel.

Sorry so long but I am a proud mommy.


  1. WOW that is beautiful. He really has a talent for writing. Keep him encouraged. Give him a big kiss for me too!
    Aunt JJ

  2. Amazing, He always has had a way with words and this proves it. Bet his was better then the whole schools. Has your talent sister!