Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Results are in.....

Three months ago, my sister and I started our 90
day weight loss challenge. At the time, I thought
I was ready to drop the weight and the unhappiness
that I had been dragging around for the last two
years. but I wasn't. The first 6 weeks, I kinda
took this challenge lightly. I tried but not really.

Now in my heart, I wanted to get the weight off. I
hate feeling fat... I hated how I looked. But my
head was not in the game and until your head is in
the game, then you have no chance of winning. And then
my husband said to me one night as I sat on the couch
with a bowl of ice cream " You know, you might as well
go out and buy your sister an outfit now."
What.. are
you kidding me, my hubby seriously called me out that

Then it got me thinking.... " Did I really hate the way
I look?" YES... " Did I really want to not only lose
weight but also feel good about myself again." YES..
God YES... I wanted to feel energized, I wanted to
feel sexy again... I did this once, I can do this again.

So, I went back to what worked for me. I have tried it
all but nothing ever worked except for the Glycemic
Diet.. it is really not a diet, it is learning to eat
the right foods together to help my body burn fat and
not store it.... I hate when fat stores itself on my
belly, on my hips and on my rear... Hate. Hate Hate..
So I got real and I started back on what works for me.

Did I reach my goal weight of 150.. NO but I think if
I did take this seriously from day one, I just may have
reached that goal. But, I did not. Now, that is not
to say that I am not happy cause I am ecstatic about
my lost. Sis, I know you had your struggles right
along side of me.. cause we have faced this all our
lives... I hope you find it in you to find what
works for you. So the results are in.........

13 lbs and 9.50 inches lost. Current weight 160.

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