Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Family and Friends

Ahhh Fall is around the corner and this
weekend was the most perfect weather and
we made the best of it with our friends
and family in from Florida.

My girlfriend from high school was in town
for the Nascar races and stopped by for a
visit and a place to rest their head after
a long day at the tracks. My husband brother
also came down for the races so we had a
house full.

With the weather so nice and cool and not a
cloud in the sky, we decided to take my brother
in law out to explore some new hiking grounds.
It was a little longer ride then expected so I had
to entertain my little one...

Our hike took us to a suspended bridge... which I
did not like cause it moved way to much for me.

The boys taking in the sites and sounds.

With the weather so cool, the Humming birds were feeling
a bit frisky. We had seven hummingbirds trying to feed
at one time. It took a lot of patience but I finally
captured one on film.

Kim just could not visit the country without a
ride on the ATV.

I tried to take her for a spin myself but she
seemed a little afraid... as she should be.

All and all it was a great time with great friends.

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