Monday, August 16, 2010


Okay, first let me just put the truth
out there.

I have not taken this Sister challange
serious. I did in the beginning but in
my head or heart, I was not at that
point where I knew I needed to focus.

You see about 4 years ago, I got serious
and when I am 100 % commited, I can do
it...for me that last time, I was there
and it showed cause I dropped 30 lbs and
if I can say so myself, I was SMOKING hot.
I was so happy with my new look, I kept
it off for 2 years and that is a huge

So this week, just as my sisters scale
stayed at 160, my stayed at 170... now
ten lbs seperate us but in reality, it
is probably 5 cause I got blessed with
something my other sisters did not, boobs.
Okay, that is just an excuse...

So, right now, I am off to the gym. Refocused.

Have a great week.


  1. You need to join Nutrisystem again. What ever it was it worked for you. You really need to consider this,,

  2. Ok u want to get into the body parts! Lol I would take the 5 extra lbs to have boobs! Can't wait to hear results after refocus week. Cheering u on! Still plenty of weeks to go!!!!!