Monday, August 30, 2010

Feeling lighter

The beginnig of this challenge was frustrating
to say the least. Each week that I did not see
results, I tried something else and still no
results. I knew the only thing that had worked
for me in the past was Nutri System. But I was
not wanting to go back to eating out of a box.

So I got to thinking about why it worked and I
knew that Nutri System was based on the Glycemic
diet. It is all about eating the right amount of
protien, good carbs and bad carbs. This system helps
takes a Fat Storing body into a Fat Burning body.

As I was flipping channels, I came across the
"Food Lovers Diet" and it was all about the Glycemic
method. So, I could do what Nutri System did for me
but eat my own foods and the best thing was the cost
was so much less and risk free. If after 60 days, I
did not see results and feel better, I just send it
back and get full refund.

Well, 11 days ago, I started my "Food Lover Diet" and
I feel GREAT!!!!! I do not feel bloated, my clothes
are loser and I just feel all around better. The best
part is that I am learning the right foods to eat
together so I can continue on this journey. But,
I cannot weigh myself until I hit day 21 so sorry
sis, you will have to weight on my lost or gain
another 10 days.


  1. Yeah!!! I am so glad you did this. I know you will succeed. You are just different then Chris in this manner and NutriSystem worked so well for you I know you'll drop it off now! But no more size 4's OK, that's too close to me! LOL. GREAT LUCK and I LOVE YOU your big sis!

  2. Ok I read, been busy week. You might have to share if I continue to go up. I think my body hits those points where it stops when you are eating the same way and I have to change it up to kick it off again.

  3. Good for you and I love that you aren't weighing yourself yet...keep up the good work.