Monday, August 23, 2010

Back on track....

Just wanted to stop by real quick
to give you an update.....

Last week I confessed I was not
commit ed to my weight loss as I
should have been but I am now...

2 lbs down... 168 today.

Now with that being said, I am
in need of stepping away from
the scale for the next two weeks.
As in the past, the only way for
me to stay on track and committed,
I need to not weigh myself but go
by how I feel. If I get on the scale
and it is at it's high fluctuation, then
I become defeated and we all know how
the scale can change from day to day.

So my updates for the next few weeks
will be just how I feel... sorry sis
you will have to wait on the lb. status.

I am proud of my sister for staying
focused and for her weight loss. I know
how hard it can be but I also know that
the longer you stay on track the easier
it is to maintain....

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