Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kitchen Update

It has been over two years since
we moved into our home and lucky
for us, it was move in ready.

But after two years, it was time
to make a change to the kitchen.
This was I would say, the one
room I did not love. It was too
dark with no personality.

Oh, by the way.. I dislike olive green.

We tiled the backsplash and painted
the walls a lighter color. Now the
sunshines through the windows. I
just love how bright and cheery
the room is now.

Next, I will be updating the prettiest room
in the house but the decor is for a baby
and we will be having no more of those.


  1. I love it, looks so bright and open now. GREAT JOB!

  2. Love the tile in the kitchen! Nice job! Can't believe you are going to change the Craft room. I love that room! Can't wait to see the transformation.